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What people say about my teaching 

My son has only had five lessons and his progression has been astounding. The way James delivers his lessons is set up for quick progression and the enjoyment of his students, when they are young or beginners I think that's one of the most important factors so you get long term interest. Hugely impressed and would recommend for anyone looking at taking lessons for either themselves or their child.


I've played guitar for over 30 years and I've become quite good at what I play but I've struggled to move out of my rut. James is giving me new skills knowledge and is teaching my brain what it is my fingers are doing. Your never too old and there's always something new to learn no matter how long you've played. I'm enjoying my lessons and I'm looking forward to learning more. Craig 

"James has been teaching my 11 year old son for 6 months now and I am truly astounded how well he is doing. James took the time to cover the basics and give my son the proper grounding and now he is playing tunes and reading music so well! James communicates brilliantly and is patient and kind. He takes time out to think of songs my son would like and sends us pieces of music for him to practice. My son loves his lessons and I am so glad James is his teacher." Jackie

"After 2-3 years self/internet taught I was nervous about having one-to-one lessons. So happy I took the plunge! James made me feel immediately at ease and assessed my level, which I had no idea of. Just had my second lesson and we are covering moveable chords, including bar chords, scales, (which I was lacking) moveable dominant 7ths and strumming... ( which I'm also lacking skills in).

James is very good at teaching in an understandable way and answers all my questions I come up with. He sends the tabs and notes via email after each lesson and keeps in touch via messenger between lessons to check everything is going ok.

He's also encouraged me to go for the Rockschool grading, which two weeks ago I never dreamt I'd be doing, especially starting at grade 4. Highly recommend James and his teaching methods. I'm loving my lessons and learning the theory behind what I am playing. Pricing is also very good! Thank you! " Stacey

'James is a great guitar teacher with tremendous knowledge of music theory.  He knows exactly how to explain things in an easy to understand way and our hour long lessons go by so quickly each week with so much productive conversation.  I wasn’t sure how a Skype video lesson with someone in another country would work but it has proven to work great.  I have learned so much in the few months with James and believe I have become a much better guitarist as a result. '  Alan USA

"I found that James was really able to convey what I was looking for in a way that I could not only understand, but also apply! Based on that and similar successes, I've been working with James for several months now on a regular basis and can only say that I am playing guitar better than I ever have done, I'm enjoying it more and more, and am very excited about the progress we are making together and where it will lead to. James is very kind, approachable and always keen to help with any questions or topics. I would recommend him especially to anybody who wants to sort their playing out, above all, because he has been on a similar journey to learn, himself - and that really comes across in his teaching."     Chris

"A couple of times now, people I know who are far more accomplished guitarists than I am, and who are familiar with me and my playing have said that they've noticed massive improvements in my ideas, and when we've had the odd virtual jam, and that's down to James' influence too, as I've not done anything else differently.


James has been very patient and helpful when I've had questions, and we always get to the bottom of what's going on and how to progress. Wish I had had this years ago! "Chris      

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