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This last couple of weeks I have played at several Open Mics and Jam nights in and around Cheltenham. It has been really fun to get back out performing and I'm enjoying it more than ever.

I will certainly be doing more! I will potentially be playing at the Old restoration in Cheltenham on Friday the 5th May. If you are interested in coming to support and watch some live music then you are more than welcome.

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If you are interested in gigging or even just trying an open mic on your own or in a duo then I would definitely recommend doing it! It's very rewarding and you get a huge buzz from performing!

Nikki Stokes who is a Bass and Drum teacher runs an adult "Band Session" workshops for Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Drums, so if you are interested in performing in more of a band environment then be sure to drop her a message

My advice on Performing

It's very import to really rehears what you are doing! Often these environments can be a bit tricky as there may not be loads of room and you may have to stand and sing. So practice as if you were performing! So if you are going to sit practice sitting or if you are going to stand practice standing or maybe even both but most importantly try to have fun when you are on stage and the crowd will enjoy it even more when they see you are enjoying it. There's no substitute for real live performances and experience. I would encourage all of my students to do some performing.

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